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04.19.2127 - White Rascal

Started by Griznuq, March 23, 2008, 10:52:40 PM

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Clive chittered at the window as Harrison tried to push it open silently. The window slid up making minimal noise, and Clive slipped in, scrambling up and into Harrison's bed to hide under the covers. Harrison had taught him to do that in case someone was awake.

Harrison returned to bed, hoping there was a note from his Emmanuelle.


Harrison's heart skipped, as a small piece of rolled parchment is exactly what Clive had. He gave the squirrel a pet of approval and went into the hallway to read it by the lantern.

He couldn't have been a bigger animal? I hope you can read text so small.

Harrison noted that text as small as it was could only have been scribed with a pen, a rare and expensive writing instrument. No quill, however fine would be able to master this print.

I pray to all that is good that you are not being punished as I have been. The hag Myrtle accused me of laying a knapsack for you, I am 10 for gods sake! I am so really embarrassed by even sharing that with you, but you need to know what you are up against if they haven't charged you with anything official yet. I only hope that Clive can reach you in the prisons. Fear not, I will do what I can to get you out of there!

(OOC: "Laying a knapsack" is of course what you think it means).


Harrison was dumbfounded by the accusation. He jumped back into his room and retrieved his ink well, a quill and his journal. There was of course, no mention of the run in with the Headmaster, nor a recount of the Visit to Abbey in the journal.

Harrison fed Clive a wafer, and went back out to the hallway under the lanter.

That is horrible! What's WRONG with these people?? Why would the truth just not matter? - No, I'm fine. I had a discussion with the headmaster, and got... corrected, but I think it's behind me. I wish I could help you! You don't have to be embarrassed. My lips are sealed. Please stay well! - H.

He tore the piece of paper out, and went back to his bed, rolling the paper up small, and tieing it with a small string. He picked up Clive and said, "Thanks my friend. I need you to take this back to her." Harrison could smell the cinnamon on Clive.

With another string, he tied the rolled paper to Clive's back. "Run my friend," he said.


The sun poked through the window shade, casting it's rays on Harrison's face. It's bright warmth brought him quickly to consciousness. Harrison loved the mornings, they were quiet. This weather was also particularly welcome.

Harrison slid out of bed, and got dressed. He wore his simple brown cotton robe, and some soft low-cut leather boots. Quietly, he left the room and headed for the yard.

The orphanage property itself was not what he'd call the most tranquil. He was still unfamiliar with this City, so he thought he'd spend some time scouting about. He knew the school of course. When school was in session, Jonah, Harrison's father would take him into town and have him stay at the monestary for the week, so he was familiar with that place too... But he'd never been allowed to explore. (OOC: This is where he picked up his Cleric class)
The sounds of the City were interesting, but all Harrison really wanted was somewhere he lie in the grass and stare up at the trees.

OOC: Dray, he's looking for anything like a park, or something... Somewhere that he can close his eyes and pretend he's back home on a lazy summer day shirking his duties.


The rain of the day before, 'correction' he thought to himself, 'two days before', had passed and it was going to be a beautiful Spring day.
Exiting the yard gate and walking out into the school district Harrison looked across to the academic buildings. So much time had been spent there, and yet he knew so little about the city.

 He wasn't used to being in the city by himself, especially with a whole summer ahead of him with no chores to eat up his time.

He decided that this free time he found himself with would be best used learning. Things weren't right here. People shouldn't be treated the way that they are by people in power, it just wasn't the way things were meant to be.
'Can't think about that right now' he thought.

It  wasn't that tough to find the Park. The landscape of the city was  like a huge bowl with the school district on the highest ground at the city's western edge. Once he was on the "Great Expanse", the bridge that crossed the Appleseed River, he was able to see the Park District, clearly recognizable by the incredible amount of trees within it.

Harrison had noticed that when the wind came from that direction, he could almost smell home. Now he knew why.

The Park was just west of the center of Our-Commons, which was where the Spire of Kaine stood, and Emma was in the gigantic church behind the Spire. He hoped Clive was okay, although he was a good climber, that church looked like it was 20 stories tall at least.

Clive was really the first friend Harrison ever had, aside from his mother and Gunthar. Some would say his mother didn't count, but Harrison knew different. Jonah was proof positive that a parent didn't HAVE to like his offspring.

When Clive was very young, he'd  had fallen out of a tree and into the Appleseed while the students were on a field trip. Harrison fished him out. The two were best friend's ever since.

One day, Harrison knew, Clive would return the favor.

The trees in the park were a broad array, clearly planted in groups. There were Elms, Pines, Maples and Birch and more. Harrison chose a fairly low hanging branch of a young beech tree, and pulled himself up.

"Oh yes," he said outloud. This will hence forth be known as Harrison's tree!" The way the branches grew, he could easily climb up, and the way he was situated, he was partially reclined, with his arms resting comforably on two smaller branches.

Here he would sit until he found a reason to move. He'd brought along a botany book that was on next year's science curriculum. Almost any book interested Harrison, as long as it presented fact. Books about plants and nature though, they were his favorite!



The morning slipped by very pleasantly while Harrison read his book under the treetops. A warm breeze came in from the west now and he was so comfortable he could have napped right there.

Around early morning a group of people, about 6 of them , all adults and looking very important in their well pressed outfits, came walking down the wide parkway he himself had traversed to get to his new favorite spot. He watched as they stopped only 30 or so paces from him and looked in the woods beyond while talking.

"Well Jim we are only in schematic phase as of yesterday anyway, lets not get ahead of ourselves," said a thin middle-aged man with short cropped brown hair and a bit of a goofy look to him.

The man named Jim responded, he was the largest human being Harrison had ever seen. "Listen here MacNeil, the Council wants this done in less than 5 years and it is a huge project, no time like the present."

A woman about MacNeil's age interrupted, she had strawberry blonde hair and looked familiar, perhaps one of the kids Moms he had seen at school.

"Do they really want the structure to go up and out? Is that even possible?" She asked Jim.

Another guy, to the right of the slightly shorter MacNeil answered, "Yes but we will have to get Trant down here to look and sample the ground. A thing this big will need some serious structural design."

"Well of course Ted," she answered. After a moment of the entire group just standing there she added, "well let's not just stand here. Why don't we go into the center of the circle and take a look."

"Might as well Susan," the big man named Jim said, "we came all this way."


Lunch time came and went and with that Harrison's stomach growled, although he could go the entire day without food, he didn't rather. He debated this dilemna for a bit, not wanting to walk all the way back to the Orphanage for lunch, had to be at least a mile.

On que, a man with a small cart came walking down the parkway. The scent of roasted nuts preluded him.

'Clive would be going into a mad-squirrel frenzy right now', thought Harrison as he looked at the man guiding the small cart by hand come along. The man was tall and a bit lanky, with circular spectacles on a large nose. He looked friendly enough.


"Sir," Harrison called from the tree limb. "Might I have a word?"


The man startled a bit at the hale, but put the end of the 2-wheeled cart down gently and said, "sure." He said looking through the branches that were far from being thick with leaves just yet.

"Are you hungry son?", he asked in a rich baritone voice that didn't match his lanky frame.

The man had a very pleasant way about him, he seemed nice to Harrison right from the get go.


"Well," Harrison said climbing nimbly down from the branches.

"I am a bit peckish," He lied, betrayed by a growl from his stomach that the fellow pushing the cart could easily hear.

"I'm afraid I don't have any money though."


"Not a problem dear boy, neither do I, well at least not in abundance," he said with a smile. As Harrison came closer to the cart, the man seemed to decide something.

"Yup, we haven't met. I know because I never forget a face, very good with names too and yours does not come to me," he said then reached out his right hand in greeting.

"My name is Tristan Montegue. My friends call me Monty."


"No sir, I'm very new to this City. I mean, I went to school and everything, but I used to live on a farm outside of the city." Harrison explained, taking the man's hand. Probably the only thing Jonah had ever taught Harrison was when you greeted a man, you shook his hand, and you squeezed firmly.

He lowered his eyes to the ground in front of him as he explained the rest. "I live at the orphanage now."


"Well," and Harrison braced for pity he wasn't really looking for. He was pleasantly surprised he didn't get it.

"With the exception of the Headmaster, the friends you make at the Orphanage and at the School, and the times that you will have there, could be the greatest in your life," Monty stated very matter-of-factly.

"Now," his eyes lit up, "I take it then you don't have a Nutcase?"


Harrison gave the man a very confused look.

"A what??"

He'd heared people reffered to as a "nutcase" in the past, but he was certain that this was not what the man was talking about.


The man chuckled, "A nutcase dear boy!"

With that Monty opened the lid of the cart and reached in. The immediate aroma of roasted nuts mixed with a sugar-cinamin scent washed over Harrison. Monty pulled out a small simple wooden box that was about as wide, tall and deep as the man's large hand. He then handed it to Harrison, it was warm to the touch.

Harrison, upon looking up at the man for his nod that it was okay to open, pulled the lid back and found that the nutcase was full of large, odd-looking nuts shavings covered in a sugary glaze.

"I make these from the chestnuts of Conker trees which grow in the east. My mother's secret recipe handed down to me, may Kaine bless her soul," he said, and reached in the cart again.

He pulled out a a small linen cloth and put it ontop of Harrison's open nutcase.

"In there is a nice piece of cheese, goes great with these nuts. It will be a bit soft at the moment, let it cool down a bit," he said, then close the lid and picked up the arms to go.

"What was your name son?"