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Mia Prescott
« on: June 14, 2008, 09:29:03 PM »
NAME: Mia Prescott
AGE: 13 (12.23.2132)
BIRTHDATE: 08.31.2119
HOUSE: The Artificers House


Mia is not popular at school.

At school, Mia Prescott's appearance is always in disarray. To her fellow students, especially the girls, she always appears to be in frantic rush and therefore refuses to stop a moment to put clothing and hair in order. “It will only get messed up again“, she often tells them when defending herself.

However, those who have dared to take the time to speak at length with her, have not only discovered her keen intellect, but have also enjoyed her pleasant demeanor. She is often referred to by her short list of friends as a “diamond in the rough“. Friends in her House that don’t care about what the other students think (more on this below).

At school Mia surprisingly, and a bit unknowingly, has a few male admirers in the Artificers House. Although it does have an 80% male population, that fact notwithstanding, her guy friends sincerely admire the comely young teenager for her incredible artistry with crafting metal.

“The girl has a gift, she makes the metal yield to her command.”

“She isn’t exactly hard on the eyes either.”

“Yeah, put a comb through that hair, take off the lead apron and you definitely have a lovely girl.”

“Who can make a masterwork sword twice as good as the Masters.”

Most students do not see this side of her though. Since the Artificers House is light in population of gossipy females, Mia’s true nature doesn’t overpower a reputation that has been built around her the past few years.

For most of the students in the other Houses think of Mia only as the ShantyTown Fortune Teller..

They look down upon her as a plaything for soldiers in ShantyTown, thinking her Fortune Teller practice as a front for "other services" she most likely offers perverted men. Many a girl in whispers “Slut of Fortune” behind her back.

Although her business is legit and Mia is disgusted with the accusations, she stopped battling the reputation months ago, for it was just no use. Why? Partly because of the place she lives, the seediest section of the poorest place in the kingdom, but more because of her family. Her mother is rumored to be a prostitute and her Aunt an out-of-work, overweight actress, and thought to be a raging alcoholic. And no one knows who her father is, including Mia.

And it doesn’t help that the rumors about her family are close to the truth.

For unfortunately, her mother is indeed a lady of the night, but knows of no other trade that can make her as much coin. She lives and operates her business on the third floor of a narrow three-floor shack where that Mia and her Auntie Deidra call home.

The rumors of her Auntie however are out of date and in parts extremely unjustified. She lost her beloved husband in the War three years ago, drink proved to be her only comfort during that dark time of her life. But it was also during that time she could have been a rising star, she instead ended her career as she stumbled on stage and even passed out during a performance. The rumors that went along with that embarrassment never diminished, and now her niece carries its stigmata on a daily basis, despite the fact that her Aunt hasn’t had a drop since (turning to food for comfort instead).

*   *   *

The above is the general knowledge known about Mia at this time, as she becomes a more permanent member of Whisper, more pertinent information may be revealed.