Author Topic: Session 22 - Tense in Tents and intense intents  (Read 1655 times)

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Session 22 - Tense in Tents and intense intents
« on: February 03, 2007, 07:31:11 PM »
Forest Keep � Session 22 - Tense in Tents and intense intents
Friday, December 29, 2006

People present:

Andrew Coutinho - Zuryn Darkbrew
Matthew Conlon - Belwar Fireforge
James Mudge - Mirri Hairballer
Robert Conlon - Himo raindbowmaker
Rob Robbins - Valen Galaphile / Sol

Because we’re all talking right now and I’m not going to remember that I had this though: Can we get a log for the session where you guys got the soil for plant the thing?

Zurn gets a brown leather pouch with a golden thread drawstring. A rampant unicorn dyed on the side of the pouch. Z stoes it away.

Belwar wakes, Weapons cleaned, armor repaired. Clothes mended

Belwar dismisses the dream about meeting the Orc (Greg Lessard’s Character). Too wierd.

Zurn prays and then goes to cores looking for a detailed map of the area. Coris said “Fuck no. Came out here to establish a presence.”

Everyone in the group gathers in the bar. Valen is wearing a wonderful red shirt!

Zurn lays out the plan. We got to get back to the place that we killed Danobar to plan this thing to consecrate the land, so Danobar’s spirit can rest.

Belwar doesn’t really care much, but he knows it would be in the best interests of his new friends to go with them.

Trouble with this is that the tunnel has since been filled in, so we have to find our way overland. This sucks.

It is determined that travel over land to the west is not impossible. we all gear up. We get all the usual stuff, and 2 Mules, (Doris and Mabel)

300’ silk rope
2 grappling hooks
1 litter
Body Bag ( Big Sack )
2 tents

NOTE: Circle of Squares can change into any other emblem that you’d like it to look like.

Travel first day, Arduous and sweaty. We build a fire. Watch order: Valen, Himo, Zurn, Belwar, Mirri.

Everyone makes a DC 15 fort save. Belwar fails, Valen fails, everyone else passes.

Into the first watch, after everyone else was asleep, folks are woken up by a thunderclap right on top of us. Very Kerboomy, we feel the shock. Causes pain. No damage, but RP pain. OW !

We roll our first initiatives in about 8 months. Belwar jumps up forgetting that he’s in a tent; It seems to actually grab Belwar!! ONOS!!

Himo reacts first. Sees a very large feature jumping out of the forest, with a staff, and attacks! He brings down a tent with a flick of the wrist!

His mouth is gaping with tusks, looks like his screaming, but no sound.

Tis a Bugbear!

He’s all epiced out!! Very nice gear, Quarter staff actually Glints!

Himo casts Mage armor.

Zurn casts magic weapon on his mace.

Mirri picks up spear and lunges! MEOW! (ACK! Ac 18!) Modified 11- that’s a miss.

Valen casts Flameblade (3’ flame sword).
His wolf attacks, rolls 21, Hits! Bites the BB for 6 points of damage!

Belwar fails his fucking reflex save, and is entangled - failed his fucking DC 20 check, can’t move.

BB attacks Mirri (ac 15). They make opposed rolls, mirri 17. Their weapons clash, and it reverberates up Mirri’s Spear. He swirls and attacks Mirri again. She rolls 16, and same happens. His 3rd attack misses.

Himo’s turn. Casts Mirror Image. Makes 4 extras.

We all realize that we can’t hear anything

Zurn attacks with his flail. Rolls a … ( takes forever ) (and a little longer) modified 19! WHAM! Damage 5 points from the flail!

Mirri Meows! Modified 19, WHACK! Damage 9 points!

Valen missed, Doggy missed.

Belwar gets out of the tent!! Sort of… It’s working against him. The scene suddenly dawns on Belwar! ONOS! Fight! He throws an axe, hits, and does 8 points. He gets pissed at Belwar, but no one can hear.

Valen is attacked!! (ac 16) He dodges! Second attack lands (Dray’s opposed roll was a 1!)

DC10 will save is made! (phew!) as the attack lands, there’s another thunderclap. KABOOMY! Another DC10 is made. Again a boom!

Zurn is attacked! (What the huh?) weapons collide, and everything’s ok. Another opposed roll, and GM sneezes. Big boom. Flail breaks and Zurn sits down! ONOS!

Mirri takes 10 points of damage!! She was bit from behind by something! It’s like a big pony sized dog.

Himo tries to mend Zurn’s flail, and realizes that it’s not going to work. Casts magic missile at the Bugbear. Two missiles go and do 2 points each.

Zurn gets up and air brushes his pants. Then casts Divine favor, which we don’t wait for… so…

Mirri attacks and misses! Modified 15

Valen is shocked to find that he can attack. And he does. A hit! 8 points of damage!! Wolfy misses.

Zurn breaks in with divine favor’s description: +1 to attack and damage for a minute.

Belwar rolls a god damned 1. He’s getting very mad, and on top of it all, the damned tent is still impeding him.

Valen is attacked, flameblade shatters with another thunderclap. Rolls a 9 for DC10 will save, and is stunned.

Mirri is attacked, opposing roll sucks and is allowed to reroll cause it hit his glass. With a 12, There’s a BOOM!! Spear shatters.

There are too many Himos... the BB attacks one. It goes away. PFFT! Then another. Now 3 Himos.

Mirri is let go by the dog, who howls, and Mirri has to roll something. DC13 will save. Success! PHEW!

Everyone needs to make that DC13 will save - Belwar fails, Himo makes it, Zurn succeeds, Valen fails,

Belwar is now subject to fear for 6 god damned rounds. Valen for 4.

Himo takes out long sword and sneak attacks. (it seems he’s got a level in rogue ) He misses.

Zurn attacks with mace. We wait for damage. Sooner or later we find out that it’s 7.’

Mirri rages! Draws Scimitar, and attacks! Drops his die, gets it back and rolls a 1.

Dray is stunned, but wolf hits!! 8 points of damage! Opposed rolls to see if the wolf can trip. And he does!

BBs move action is to get up. Then he attacks Zurn, and missed! It’s pretty clear at this point, He’s attacking the weapon. He missed again, and then again and AGAIN! 4 misses!.

Himo misses again with a sneak attack.

Zurn gets to attack with mace and missed.

Mirri still raging missed again.

Wolf attacks and hits! 3 points, and tries again to trip. Doesn’t work.

BB attacks the wolf and he is hit! 13 points!! And then he’s missed, then missed again, but the 4th hits for 16…that’s -4. Wolf goes down.

Mirri is attacked by hound, but doesn’t do any damage.

Himo takes another shot at Sneak attack. He hits!! 14 points of damage!! (Belwar is pretty upset now)

Zurn attacks and goes into some sort of dramatic display before rolling damage 12 points of damage.

Belwar is not going to attack during this bugbear’s life /cry.

Mirri misses again.

BB attacks Zurn now. Big boom. Mace is damaged, but not broken. Haft is now bent. Makes his DC10 will save.

BB attacks Himo and BOOM! Makes his DC10 will save.

Belwar and Valen are shaken out of their fear by the thunderclaps!!

Himo almost loses his sword, and misses his dc10! ONOS!! Weapon (sword) shatters, and DC10 will save is made.

Mirri is attacked by doggie, but missed.

Valen is no longer there. His Landscape changes entirely with the last thunder clap, sitting in a baren wasteland on the ground. It�s a decent temperature.

Himo’s turn, casts Magic Missile. Damage is 2, and 4

We notice Valen changed shape! No longer the same… now he’s a troll-ish dwarfish thing.

Zurn attacks with crappy mace. Hit for 9 points.

The thing dies dramatically. Belwar is disappointed.

Mirri does 7 points of damage on the dog.

Valen’s replacement is going to fire his crossbow at the dog. Missed.

Belwar is still impeded by the tent. Belwar attacks the tent. He’s really pissed off.

BB throws something at the ground and a great smoke erupts, filling the entire area.

The dog takes a nip at Mirri, and prepares to run away.

Himo backs out of the fog and readies his xbow.

Zurn cannot see anything, as per the nature of the spell. He goes for where the bug bear was, and swings around. He hits! Whammo!

Mirri hears it, and does the same, downward slash of the scimitar. A modified 17 hits and his damage doesn’t provoke any response.

Sol moves around.

Belwar continues to attack the tent. Spitting, swearing almost rageing!
Himo runs around. Trips on Zurn, but doesn’t fall over.

Zurn shield rushes Himo, though he doesn’t know it’s Himo�

Himo sees this, knows it’s Zurn, tries to side step. Zurn is unhindered, and keeps going.

Mirri attacks and grabs something, but realizes that whatever it is is invisible. She attacks it anyway.

Finally free from the tent, Belwar gathers the destroyed canvas and drops it all atop the fire. He then gets to work setting up the other tent.

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Session 22 - Tense in Tents and intense intents
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2007, 04:38:17 PM »
This session opens up on the evening of Sprouting Grass/Egg 14.

The first day of travel was Sprouting Grass/Egg 15. This was the night of the bugbear fight, and would have been a dark, moonless night.
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